Zari takes thinly veiled jab at Diamond Platnumz

Father’s Day was yesterday and I was rather pleasantly surprised to see Zari had not taken aim at Diamond Platnumz, her ex from whom she seems inexplicably drawn to. I guess we all have that one person we cannot seem to move on from.

Zari and Diamond had a much-publicized relationship with rumours contending that they tied the knot in an Islamic ceremony. The union resulted in the birth of two children, Tiffah and Nilan who are since estranged from their father since the parenting couple parted ways.

Zari dropped a dramatic post on social media on February 14, 2018 – a black rose with a long post about leaving Diamond. By this time, she had already left the matrimonial home and was living in South Africa. Since then, it has understandably been hard for Diamond to see his children and while there have been accusations flying back and forth as the former lovers are embroiled in a perpetual he-said-she-said fight, what is clear is that Zari is still in her feelings about Diamond and it looks like she will permanently be stuck talking out of pocket about the father of her two children and his love life.

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Zari attacks Diamond and Tanasha

She took to social media with a rather thinly veiled missive she shot at Diamond regarding his paternal responsibilities and his lack of fulfilment of it. She said,

Happy Father’s Day to me👊

That caption accompanied a photo of herself seated on a Ferrari:

Meanwhile, Diamond was busy promoting his new tour as well as the products he endorses…