Yvette Obura´s message to her dad after unbearable silence when she got pregnant: I pray God will keep you long enough to see me prosper

Bahati´s first baby mama, Yvette Obura fails to wish the singer ´Happy Father´s Day´ as she recalls her father´s ugly reaction towards her pregnancy.

It was only ¨Happy father´s Day¨ to her dad and brothers.


Yvette shockingly reveals how her dad went silent on her until her daughter turned 2.

This is what you don´t know: I have 10 other siblings we were supposed to be 14 in total but I lost 2 sisters and 1 brother [my dad is the realest OG😂]


But this man right here #mydad made sure none of us lacked anything and saw all of us through school.

Provided us with everything we needed while growing up…

He is my superhero and everything else, but hey he was so strict on us😂😂

I remember after he found out that I was pregnant wuee ilikua moto,

yaani he didn´t talk to me until my baby turned 2 years [3 good years]

😭😭😭he was so disappointed.

However, all love was not lost because daughter and grandchild are closer than ever before.

But right now he loves Mueni unconditionally, they´re inseparable.

He calls her kabibi [his wife] 😭😭

I´m still his lastborn girl and he still loves me the same way he did when I was a young girl [in short I´m daddy´s girl]

So to my dad, thank you for being the most amazing father a girl could ever asked for thank you for taking care of all of us genuinely.

I pray that God will keep you long enough for you to see me prosper.

The mother of 1 additionally expresses her unending love to her supportive brothers sharing:

And to my two brothers, I love you so much my peeps.

How you guys are my bank always😂😂 how you guys love my baby😭😭😭

How she loves you guys back, how you guys always make sure I´m not sleeping hungry

And how you guys love your kids/my kid/our nieces/nephews may you never lack yaani.

You guys are awesome and amazing and I know God made you my brothers for a good reason.

I love you my handsome men.

Happy Father´s day to this amazing men in my life and to all fathers out there.

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