Your girlfriend’s favourite shirt: The Henley shirt

If you are one of those people who say, “Men shouldn’t be bothered with how they look,” this one isn’t for you. If you are smart enough to know that you have to dress as you would be addressed then this one is for you.

For starters, the best fashion advice I ever got was to get in shape. Everything looks good on you if you are in shape. That is advice I will share with my brothers and my sons. Being the consummate cynic, I didn’t believe any of the advice until I started getting compliments.

And when you get into shape, I would like to suggest you consider wearing a Henley shirt.

These would be the casual shirts with buttons at the front of them. And when I suggest Henley shirts, it is irrespective of whether they are long sleeved or short sleeved.

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The thing about these shirts is they have a way of fitting that accentuates the bulges your muscles cause it to have and trust me when I say this will be your girlfriend’s favourite shirt.

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Another awesome thing about Henley shirts is that they can either be dressed down of up. You can through one on with a pair of skinny jeans (or slim cut) and you can through on boots and go out for a casual date or dinner plan or you can pair one with a blazer and either jeans or chinos depending on the occasion and it’ll still work.

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If you’re going out to party, you can put one on, throw on a leather jacket, jeans and boots and just like that, you have a classic bad-boy look.

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What’s not to like?