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Elizabeth Moraa, mother to the late Hellen Kwamboka, the police officer attached to Parliament who was found dead at her house in Umoja, during an interview with Standard in Nairobi on May 27, 2019. [David Njaaga/Standard]

Elizabeth Moraa is traumatised. Any mother would be if their daughter’s life was ended so soon and so tragically.

“I will not be attending the postmortem examination tomorrow,” she whispers, slowly recovering from an emotional breakdown.
She does not have much to say, except beg the State to find her daughter’s killer.
For three years, Hellen Kwamboka, a young police officer, built her career at Parliament, where she worked since graduating in 2016.

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The distraught mother remembers the last time she spoke with her daughter. “11pm on Thursday night,” she tells The Standard, adding: “She said she had to sleep since she had a parade early the next day.”
The next day, on Friday, Moraa tried to call Kwamboka three times before 11am. But each time she tried, Kwamboka’s phone was off.
A mother’s instincts kicked in, and Moraa immediately sensed that something was wrong. She called a relative in Nairobi, also a police officer, but he was on duty. Later in the day, she spoke to the relative again and asked him to check on Kwamboka.
By then, Moraa was already on her way to Nairobi, where she arrived before day break on Saturday.
Until that moment, she did not know that her daughter was dead. “I arrived at 1am. Some police officers picked me and escorted me to a house of a relative. They said they would talk to me the next day,” she says.

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It was only at daybreak when she learnt of her daughter’s death.
“The officers came again in the morning and informed me that my daughter was dead. They then took me to Chiromo Mortuary, where her body lay,” she recounts.
Kwamboka’s body was found lying on her bed with deep cuts in the forehead. Police suspect she was stabbed and strangled, before the killer(s) locked the body inside her house in Umoja Estate, Nairobi.
Moraa says at 29, her daughter was young and did not have a child. She denied information circulating that Kwamboka’s boyfriend called the family, informing them that he and Kwamboka broke up. “I don’t know about any boyfriend,” said Moraa.
As the family prepares to bury the second-born on June 7 in Kitale, Moraa hopes the truth on who killed Kwamboka will not be buried with her. “I beg the Government to help us get justice,” she said.

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