Why Dandora Police Officer Committed Suicide

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Police Officer who committed suicide in Dandora yesterday apparently did so after he returned home from work and found his estranged wife with another child.

The officer was reportedly transferred from Kinyago to Turkana where he stayed for more than a year.

Elizabeth Wanja the caretaker of the building told Ghetto Radio News says she was called by the officer’s wife on Wednesday at 8 am only to be told that the man had committed suicide.

Wanja however says that the lady claims that they had separated with the officer when she only had one child.

“The lady told me that she woke up and prepared breakfast and asked the man to take it but he refused. He instead stated that he wanted to go to the bathroom first. So the lady remained behind bathing the baby in the bedroom preparing the baby for daycare,” narrated Wanja.

Wanja stated that she when the woman went to the bathroom, he found the man dangling from the roof.

They later went and reported the matter to the Kinyago Police Station in Dandora.

The officer’s body has been take to the Kenyatta University Mortuary.