What ladies want men to know

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Over the years ladies have tried being very open when it comes to what they want in a relationship as well as in bed. Good communication and trust in each other solidifies the connection. Hence, when you begin being intimate with your significant other, there are certain things ladies would love their men to know:

1.This is not a one glove fits all situation– Dear Sir, just because your ex mami liked A B C, I don’t. I prefer S F G T. Take time to understand my needs as I will yours. It’s a learning experience for both of us.

2. Foreplay is a MUST- When you turn on your car in the morning, do you change gears and take off? No, you wait for the engine to warm up. My engine needs warming up before we proceed to changing gears. Thank you very much.

3. Consistency- Please maintain a speed limit as we go on this ride. Shifting speeds recklessly is not fun, you are messing up the rhythm. Pick a speed that favours us both and keep at it until I say otherwise, or scream otherwise.

4. You are allowed to speak, just not too much– Tell me if what I am doing feels alright, are you enjoying it? Would you like to try anything different? Communication! Don’t just lie there but also don’t have a full blown conversation with me. I am a bit pre-occupied to actually pay attention to what your boss did at the meeting today.

5.It will take a little bit of time for me to get home- It takes some time, how long? I don’t know but I will tell you. Moreover, you are sending my anxiety through the roof  by asking me every 30 seconds if  “I’m close”. Shut it, you will know when I’m close.

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6.The size of your member isn’t a concern, just know how to use it- Don’t let social media fool you. A larger member isn’t a need for every woman. Whatever God blessed you works just fine. All we ask of you is to be conversant with how to use it. It is attached to you after all, take it through the necessary courses or whatever.

7. A bit of grooming is appreciated– It just shows you took time and you care. The same way you expect me to be hair-free like a baby’s bottom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in that sensitive department, I will help.

8.Imagine! I’m not a doll, I can handle it– I appreciate you want to be gentle but Mr Sir, I am not a Russian doll. But this doesn’t warrant you to throw me around like Andy Ruiz did to Anthony Joshua. Just a bit of ‘firmness’ is highly liked. I’ll tell you when you’re being too rough.

9.I need to use the bathroom almost immediately after– A little Science 101 for you. UTIs are a thing. A very annoying and painful thing. So please excuse me as I leave you in bed, use the washroom and attempt to not have myself attached to antibiotics for the next 2 weeks.

10. Cuddles are such a WOW– Cuddle me, run your fingers down my back, let’s talk about random things and eventually sleep or maybe get down on a rematch. Spooning has great effects on the body, so please put your hands around me. Thanks.

11. Found a new position, I’m down – I’ll probably be down to try a new position you’ve found. Just as long as it didn’t stem from some absurd website. Sweetheart, remember those individuals are acting, my body cannot be folded or placed into that Cirque du Soleil stunt.

12. My Libido is way higher than you expected – Me = DROPS MIC, You = Mind blown.

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Just a few pointers that should help you navigate understanding the female need. See it as a helping hand and not the Gospel. Ask your mama what she likes. Proceed!