“Wewe ndo ulitaka baby number two!” Diana Marua cries during an argument with her hubby

Bahati’s reality show appears to be doing quite fine despite a few fans claiming the show is scripted.

So far many agree that the couple keeps them entertained and this is why their season two is currently airing on popular TV station.

During the recent episode shared on the couples Instagram pages; we yet again see Bahati and his wife arguing over who is to clean their house.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati is seen walking in his untidy home and then turns to pick a fight his wife;

“This is the Ghetto president residences Hakuwezi kukaa hivi upside down, Whats not happening, Beb hii Nyumba ni chafu. Vile nyumba inakaa…”

Being pregnant and a little cranky Diana Marua jumps in and responds;

“Kaa nyumba ni chafu twende wote tukaitengenezee, si wezi osha nyumba pekee yangu. Let me tell you something, sijui mbona unapenda kuchukua advantage ya zile situation mimi hukua.”

Rushed baby number two?

Having welcomed their first child in 2018, Diana Marua goes ahead to confess that Bahati rushed her to have their second baby and still expected her to do the house chores – which was impossible but due to her current state.

“You can’t be telling me tutakula mapenzi, Mbona uliharakisha tupate Baby number two, si wewe ndo ulitaka baby number two and then right now you are leaving everything to me. Who is the pregnant one here? Let’s go and make that house together. Kwa hivyo unipatia mimba, nijibebee na nijishughulikie sindio?.”

Judging from the comments left by fans under Diana’s Instagram post, seems that their fans felt that this episode was scripted and nothing about it felt real…do you agree?


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