US Embassy in Kenya Stops Accepting New Currency

The United States Embassy in Kenya has issued a directive barring the use of the new generation currency in Visa application citing the Embassy unpreparedness in developing procedures for the new notes.

Kenyans applying for the US Visas will have to use the old generation notes or make payment using the credit card, the statement issued on Thursday noted.

“The Embassy of the United States is currently developing procedures to accept the new Kenyan shillings. Until these procedures are in place, consular applicants will only be able to pay for services using the previous Kenyan shillings,” part of the statement issued noted.

Earlier, the Kenya Bankers Association cautioned the public to be vigilant during the four-month demonetization period in which the Central bank seeks to mop up old Ksh 1000 notes.

“We also encourage banks, bank agents and retailers, as well as citizens in general, to be especially vigilant during this period as there may be attempts to launder illicit funds through the banking system during the exercise of replacing the old generation notes with the newly released ones, ” the statement issued by KBA noted.