Untouchable high school head finally moved – Weekly Citizen


The untouchable longserving principal of Ingotse High school in Navakholo, Kakamega county Wycliffe Kiveu has been transferred.
Kiveu who has been the principal of the school for the last 10 years has been moved to Ngere Secondary School in Nyanza.
Weekly Citizen established that the principal who was known as one of the untouchables because of being well connected with senior officers in the ministry of Education was not affected in any way since delocalisation programme of transferring teachers from their home counties started in the country.
“I will only move from this school when I feel like doing so because no one can transfer me now,” Kiveu used to brag

Wycliffe KIveu

to his fellow principals from other schools.
It is alleged that Kiveu always boasted how he cannot be transferred by county education bosses simply because he is well connected to senior officers in the ministry headquarters.
The principal was hit under the belt when news spread within the locality that his transfer had been effected at long last without his knowledge.
Weekly Citizen learnt that the principal had no time to run up and down to block the transfer because it came as a surprise when schools were opening and he was supposed to hand over immediately in order to report to his new station to be handed over.
“God is great, let the principal go because he has ruined our school due to poor performance during KCSE national examinations despite the school being one of the oldest learning institutions in Navakholo sub county,” said one resident on condition of anonymity
He said the students have not been excelling in KCSE because of the school’s low standards as he blamed the principal of not having been friendly to some of the teachers and even going to an extent of influencing their transfers using his position.
Reliable sources alleged that some teachers were sabotaging the principal intentionally by not taking their lessons seriously in order to fail him during KCSE national examinations results.
The community revolted against the principal some time back when they wrote leaflets demanding for his removal from the school following cases of employing his own kinsmen from Malava constituency instead of the locals.
They also alleged that Kiveu had amassed a lot of wealth through dubious means using school resources illegally at the expense of the community citing a storey building for Physics and Chemistry lab which has stalled in the 10 years he has been at the helm.
Sources claimed that the principal and the school bursar have enriched themselves buying plots as far as Nambale in Busia county where they have constructed massionettes.
“The two should be investigated about their wealth and school records should also be audited thoroughly because they seem to have even pocketed auditors from the subcounty so as to cover their underground movements,” said one concerned resident.
Another source said that the bursar who hails from the subcounty had nothing to show off a few years ago but he is today swimming in wealth leaving Ingotse community including his neighbours at his Eshisiru village in shock.
“It is true there is a lot of corruption at this school which should be investigated in order to unearth the truth which is the only way of protecting parents from being exploited by a few individuals,” said our source.


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