Ugandan Government signs deal to export Marijuana


Cannabis (Photo: Courtesy)

The Ugandan government has closed a deal to export medicinal marijuana to Germany and Canada with the use of Marijuana for other leisure purposes such as smoking remaining illegal.

According to the Ugandan government, the lucrative Marijuana business which is estimated at Sh11.1 trillion will benefit the country through creating employment opportunities, generating taxes, technology transfer, investment opportunities and trade surplus among others.

The Health Ministry memo to Cabinet Documents verified by Daily Monitor shows Industrial Hemp Uganda Ltd to be the only company authorised to grow and process medicinal Marijuana and Cannabis products for industrial use in Uganda with the supervision of Ministry of Health.

Marijuana (Photo: Courtesy)

According to a Cabinet information paper tabled by the Ministry of Health, “The ministry has received applications from 14 companies interested in the cultivation, extraction and export of cannabis oil for medical purposes in line with the provisions of Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act 2015.”

Despite the country benefiting from the business, the Ministry of Health fears that the legal production of medicinal Marijuana could result in an escalation of abuse of Cannabis and other consequential results.

Uganda is among other countries such as Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uruguay and a few states in the US producing Marijuana for medicinal purposes.




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