They pumped 400 tablets from my body – Sony keeper speaks


John Waw [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenya Premier League shot stopper John Waw recently took to Facebook to announce how close he came to death.

The post – which has since been pulled down – read:

“When they found me two hours later, I was drifting in and out of consciousness. They pumped the drugs out of my system. They put a pipe down my nose to the stomach, then they ran the machine. It was painful. I actually felt each tablet coming up through my nose.”

A sudden, ruthless turn of events in his promising life, buoyed by a footballing career on a crescendo, is said to have pushed Waw to the edge.

Indeed, the experienced Sony Sugar custodian is lucky to have survived the ordeal – and lived to tell his story.

The Facebook post went on to read:

“The day I decided to die was an ordinary day. Everyone was going about their businesses as usual. No one knew the agony I was in or how I felt that life no longer made sense, how badly I was struggling to get by. My whole world had caved in and I felt I couldn’t breathe. So I made up my mind to my life,” the former Chemelil Sugar custodian revealed.

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That day, Waw narrates how he walked to his favourite joint, bought a kilo of Nyama Choma and watered it down with a glass of beer.

He would then leave the joint in huff – determined to execute his plan – and head for a pharmacy in town.

To buy a large volume of drugs without prescription isn’t easy and so Waw narrates how he had to flirt with the lady to help execute his plan.

“I made her feel like the medicines she was selling me were for a work project. There were 400 tablets and I would take one after another and swallow while still in the matatu,” says John.

“By the time I got home, maybe 100 were left, I hastily swallowed them. Then I made sure I didn’t lock the door with a padlock, I didn’t want to inconvenience whosoever found my body. Even in death, I still wanted to be nice. I lay on the bed waiting for death to claim me.” The post reads.                  

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John was found two hours later, drifting in and out of consciousness.

He was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital where doctors spent eternity pumping the drugs out of his system.

And when reached for comment – and what may have pushed him to the edge – Waw did not say much. Only saying that he was stabilizing and needed time to rest.

Some of his freinds who spoke to The Nairobian say the ordeal left him with minor internal injuries, but added that he was recuperating well.

We wish him well.


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