There would be no graft without politicians – Weekly Citizen


The Deputy President William Ruto’s recent presentation to the Professionals Summit in Mombasa on corruption cannot go unchallenged. He eloquently outlined the role played by each category of professionals in the corruption chain cycle.
He mentioned accountants, auditors, economists, engineers, lecturers, planers, surveyors, HR managers, lawyers and judges. The press was not left out. So comprehensive was the list that it provides good material for a Phd dissertation on the topic. The real architects, who are the politicians, for whom he is the principal leader, were conspicuously left out. Their methods, also deliberately omitted, should be exposed.
Politicians and their cohorts are using age old mafia tactics. This involves identifying and compromising all the individuals and organisations in the corruption chain. No method is off the table. Disclosure is on the pain of death. Silence, known in mafiosi circles as Omerta (law of silence) is the tool of choice.
The objective is to instill fear and lots of it. The net effect result is to evade the law. There is to be no trace of the source of the ill-gotten wealth. He who alleges must prove; is their standard defence when confronted. This is a well-trodden path. The history of the mafia in the US best illustrates this point.
In the mid twentieth century, the mafia started off as small street gangs and metamorphosed into one of the largest organised crime syndicates in the world. They made millions of dollars using all illegal methods including bribery, intimation, corruption, embezzlement, robberies and murder to name but a few.
The mafia exploited opportunities created by the liberal democratic constitution to undermine it and escape justice. The political system was corrupted.
They compromised the judiciary. They destroyed evidence, engaged the best lawyers; bribed, threatened and killed witnesses, law enforcers and judges. They organised ethnic demonstrations, talk shows, name it! This is not too dissimilar to what we find in Kenya today.
At the height of their power, the mafia godfathers were law unto themselves. They could order anything including killings and get away with it. For a time, they looked invincible and completely untouchable. But like all bad things in this world, their time came to an end. The long and short of it, is that despite all its glory, wealth and power this evil network was finally defeated. The Kenyan variety should take note of this.


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