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Francis Atwoli

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has been blamed for making a series of blunders that  have placed his political aspirations into a limbo.
And now, Weekly Citizen has information that Mudavadi received Sh60 million from tycoon Abdinasir Hassan of Hass Petroleum in 2017 campaigns on grounds he would be nominated to parliament.
Brown Ondego, a close ally of Mudavadi was in the deal. Hassan’s name was number three on nomination list and Mudavadi
believes he will be one of his key financiers come 2022 presidential elections that he is gearing for.

Godfrey Osotsi

It is on these grounds that Mudavadi is under pressure to sacrifice nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi. Osotsi has been battling to
mend fences with Mudavadi using a number of Luhya elders among them, the head of Church of God Byrum Makokha and former senator Patrick Wangamati, the father of Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati.
At one time, Osotsi even went public asking for a truce and wrote a letter to Mudavadi but instead, it ended up on social media. The nominated MP’s lawyers have also written to Mudavadi.
For now, Osotsi has moved to court to block his deregistration suing registrar of political parties and ANC. The court has issued orders stopping the move. But even now, Mudavadi is said to be out to have Osotsi auctioned.
Outspoken Central Organisation of Trade Unions secretary general Francis Atwoli is said to be unhappy with Mudavadi’s failure to extend an olive branch to his former secretary general.
When the ANC boss declined to attend the much-publicised Kakamega rally early this month, all pointers were that Mudavadi had been misadvised by his handlers to pull out.
It later transpired that Mudavadi’s decision to pull out of the rally leading to its last minute cancellation was instigated by his kitchen cabinet led by party secretary general Barack Muluka. According to insider reports, Muluka and like-minded politicians coalescing around the ANC chief were jittery that the Kakamega rally was a ploy by Atwoli to force Mudavadi to make peace with Osotsi and Senator Cleophas Malala.
It was argued that Mudavadi’s presence at the rally would have provided a soft ground for Osotsi, forcing the ANC leader to save the under-fire legislator from further action by the party’s disciplinary organs.
Sources say at one point, Atwoli made a call to Mudavadi laying open the additional agenda of the rally – handshake between Mudavadi and Osotsi.

Barrack Muluka

It is now feared Malala might be next on the disciplinary table, due to his close ties with his close ties with ODM leadership. Already, Malala was arrested by the sleuths in Kakamega soon after attending a function presided over by DP William Ruto in Ikolomani.
The outspoken senator is on record to have clashed with the ANC leadership when it expelled Osotsi. Malala was elected on the ANC platform. Indeed, Muluka once told journalists during a press conference in Nairobi that Osotsi’s fate in ANC
had long been sealed, with the MP’s case closed and Malala fixed.
Atwoli argues that Mudavadi needs vibrant, outgoing foot soldiers like Malala and Osotsi who have shown that they can die for a worthy cause including the party leader’s own State House mission.
Comparisons have easily been drawn to the Orange party, where ODM leader Raila Odinga is in the safe hands of MPs like John Mbandi and Junet Mohamed on the one hand, and secretary general Edwin Sifuna on the other.
This is hardly the case with the Mudavadi outfit, where operatives like Muluka call the shots to his detriment.
The same can be said of octogenarians like John Bunyasi and Alfred Sambu add up to form the ANC leader’s messy, toothless kitchen cabinet.
Keen observers opine Mudavadi is averse to the drastically shifting political ground, with his supposed “gentleman’s politician” tag doing him more harm than good.
During Raila’s “swearing-in” at Uhuru Park, for instance, Mudavadi fell for the misplaced counsel of the Mulukas of Kenya’s political advisers, to skip the event, a development that irked Atwoli so much.
Near home in Western, Mudavadi seems to be unresponsive to the emerging Mukhisa Kituyi factor in the region. With his second and final term at the Geneva-based United Nations Conference on Trade and Development coming to the end in
2021, the former cabinet minister and fiery politician is widely expected to play a prominent role in the ongoing political dispensation in the region.
It is high time Mudavadi reinvented himself


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