SERVICE: Wading into the raging debate on the Huduma Namba registration, Silas Nyamboki takes issue with the veiled threats by some government officials against those who fail to get registered. Says he: “Denying citizens government services just because they do not have this particular identification number would not only be insensitive but also impractical.” Even with the extension of the May 18 deadline by a week, he adds, it will still not be possible to get all the eligible people enrolled. After the deadline, Silas points out, many more young Kenyans will still become eligible daily for listing. “Will those who qualify after the May 25 deadline be denied access to services?” His contact is [email protected]
WILSON SEWER: For more than a month now, Dr Joseph Lelo moans, a broken sewer has been discharging the muck through the perimeter wall of Wilson Airport, which flows down the newly opened road towards Nairobi South C. Says he: “I do not understand how such a major airport is unable to control and properly channel its sewage. The burst sewer drains directly into a roadside ditch, with the effluent finding its way into the Ngong River and subsequently Athi River, exposing the thousands of Kenyans living near the river bank to the risk of diseases such as cholera.” Reports to Nema, Kenya Airports Authority and Nairobi Water Company, he claims, have not yielded any action. His contact is [email protected]
CARD PAYMENT: Kenya Power has for long been stuck on the traditional mode of payment of bills either by cash or cheque, and most recently by embracing M-Pesa, Equitel, T-Kash and Airtel Money, notes Otiato Andayi, disappointed that rather conspicuously missing is the credit or debit card option. “Most of the retail businesses have adopted the card payment, accepting for payment the swiping of Visa Card and MasterCard at their points of sale. These magnetic cards are easier to use, safe and secure. Rather than having to walk with bundles of notes to Kenya Power’s banking halls, why can’t they just provide those swiping machines?” His contact is [email protected]
BAD ROAD: While the rehabilitation of 3rd Parklands Avenue in Nairobi has the local residents elated, the dilapidation of Prof Saitoti Road (formerly Sports Road) has upset Carol Mbutura, but, who, of course, tongue-in-cheek, sees an opportunity an off-road cyclist could exploit, though this is no laughing matter. Says she: “As an avid mountain bike cyclist, there is no need to travel far out of town. I could add variety, adaptation and performance development to my bike handling skills by riding in the dirt, and improve my cornering skills, while flying over the massive potholes. This way, I will be embracing physical exercises as an art of healthy living, as we are always being advised.” Her contact is [email protected]

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