VIP BUG: One of the many legendary peculiar habits of Kenyans, Antony Irungu says, is the clamour for preferential treatment. After Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai recently released his expanded list of VIPs for whom road traffic should be cleared, he adds, many others have been asking to be included. “Many of our leaders are possessed by a sense of entitlement. Instead of developing policies and master plans for smooth traffic flow, they harass taxpayers with their swanky motorcades of fuel guzzlers, complete with escort cars. It’s nauseating to note that they have become a source of the people’s woes rather than problem solvers.” His contact is [email protected]

SHOE SHINE MESS: Declaring from the outset that he is a stickler for order, David Gachua is concerned that there has lately been a big increase in the number of shoe shine stands in Nairobi’s central business district. “These shoe shine kiosks come in different sizes and designs. Some are appealing and others are not.” He would like to know from the city county government why it “can’t come up with a standard design and also regulate where they should be erected”. He would rather see a more proactive reaction than to wait until the mess gets out of control in order to step in to remedy the situation. His contact is [email protected]

SHODDY WORK: Following a public outcry about the pathetic state of the nearly 600-metre stretch of Murichu Road, off Forest Edge Road in the Karen neighbourhood, just after the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi, John Wanjohi reports, the holes were hurriedly filled — but only with pebbles and sand. “But the rains came and the holes have reappeared and it is now worse than before. What will it take to have a reasonable budget allocation to permanently fix the road for the motorists, who are key taxpayers contributing to the county’s revenues? Please, have the job redone professionally.” His contact is [email protected]

BREEZY STREETS: Nairobi streets will soon be ideal for evening walks thanks to the beautification spearheaded by Governor Mike Sonko, remarks Kamichore Mutindira. Luthuli Avenue got a magnificent face-lift with pavements levelled and trees planted to add a breeze. “The seats provided offer much comfort to anybody wishing to sit, enjoy and even record a phone conversation. But the county will have to deal with a new problem — directing the traffic into a single lane. How will they edge out hawkers who may eye the expanded pavements?” His contact is [email protected]

THIRSTY MOMBASA: Mombasa’s dream of becoming the “Dubai of Kenya”, as stated by opposition leader Raila Odinga, will never be realised unless the town has a reliable water supply, says Tom K. In the past several weeks, he moans, the residents have faced an acute water shortage. Governor Hassan Joho, who has declared that he has presidential ambitions come the 2022 General Election, Tom adds, has let down the coastal resort’s residents, who have had to rely on private vendors for their water supply for weeks, risking a water-borne epidemic — yet monthly bills are sent without fail! His contact is [email protected]

LONE RANGER UGANDA: Though Uganda’s decision to upgrade its old meter gauge railway could be a step in the right direction, Justin Nkaranga wonders whether it’s feasible for the neighbouring country to go it alone. “Uganda should do this with Kenya. The railway should be upgraded right from Mombasa through Malaba to Kampala. Uganda has disclosed that it will spend an equivalent of Sh20.5 billion to upgrade the old railway since the standard gauge railway deal seems rather sloppy and, apparently unreliable, hence the need to stick to the old system.” His contact is justin.[email protected]

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