Tension simmmering at Olkejuado High School – Weekly Citizen


Students of Olkejuado High School who scored D+ and below in last term’s exams have not resumed school for the second term for failing examination.
More than 400 students who had a D+ and below from Form One to Form Four were given seven conditions to fulfill to be accepted back in letters sent to their parents by the school’s principal James Passiany.

A section of the Olkejuado High School

In the letters, Passiany states: “Following your son’s dismal performance in last term’s (Term 1, 2019) examination, you are required to accompany him to school on May 4 ( last Saturday) at 9am.”
“We will require a handwritten application for re-admission, stating why you should be considered. Clear any outstanding fee balances including that of the second term and you must meet all admission requirements,” said Passiany.
Other conditions given to the students included clearing of all surcharges, for example lost textbooks, broken laboratory apparatus, have all other learning materials and a signed commitment form upon and if considered for re-admission.
However, some parents claim, there has never been any prior communication from the school until recently when they received the letters.
One parent claimed the conditions given by the principal are designed to lock out their children from the school.
Form Four students are required to pay Sh4,500 every year to teachers as “motivation fee” and they are also forced to pay Sh10,000 for construction of a dormitory.


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