Tension high at Jogoo House – Weekly Citizen


Education cabinet secretary George Magoha has come under sharp criticism from ministry staff.
The staff accuse the CS of being big headed and intimidating, always invoking the president’s name at the slightest opportunity to talk down both the senior and junior staff at Jogoo House, which is the Education ministry headquarters.
“He’s one person who talks about president’s instructions in very minute issues,” lamented a senior ministry official who requested to remain anonymous.
A few weeks ago, the CS is said to have summoned senior officials at the finance department, instructing them to facilitate his itineraries.
“The CS has an exorbitant entourage with most of them demanding illegal per diems including his chief of staff which is a position only recognised at the presidential level. It’s a waste of public resources for a CS to have more than five security officers and chase cars with sirens running around town,” said a bureaucrat his comfort zone apparently disrupted by the no-bullshit minister.
Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua has been petitioned to intervene and tame the CS who has brought a new order at the ministry.
Not known to let their old bad ways to be stopped lying down, staff are fighting back and seeking to put Magoha on the defensive by claiming that the CS demands for money over and above huge security detail. They claim such money had better be channeled to many schools across the country that lack basic infrastructure.
Ministry officials are now appealing to the president to intervene on this matter that they deem sensitive.
“The Education ministry is too sensitive and very important and cannot be left in the hands of reckless, loose cannons who want to run it through fear and intimidation,” asserts one senior official who preferred to remain nameless.
Insiders say Prof Magoha calls his meetings before six in the morning something that ministry workers used to reporting to work at 10am find imposible. What Magoha might not know is that he might be the only person who cares about policy and delivery at the ministry where workers with an ill attitude borne out of inferiority complex go to work just for the salary that is guaranteed.
The CS behaviour of dishing out orders is therefore something the workers find alien.
“Whereas government business normally starts at eight in the morning, Prof Magoha reports in the office at 5.30 am and starts making random calls as he asks questions and retorts how lazy we are and wonders which kind of schools we went to,” lamented a worker.
When ordering the ministry officials to report to his office immediately, the CS would allegedly pose the signature question, “Where are we getting money from’’?
The professor of urology threatens workers with summary dismissal.
Senior officers are at a loss since most of them graduated from the same University of Nairobi, where Magoha was vice chancellor for ten years


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