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Gigi Motors

Red flag has been raised over suspicious happenings at Gigi Motors in Nairobi following reports of strange dealings where clients are allegedly not provided with logbooks after making purchase of motor vehicles from the Hurlingam-based car selling company.
Some of the victims have now turned to the office of DCI George Kinoti and the media to help in uncovering the hidden motive where buyers are denied logbooks at the purchase of a vehicle from the company.
One of the victims identified as Robert Kilonzo lamented that he had been taken round for almost a year now without being handed the logbook after purchasing a vehicle from the company on May 25 2018.
According to the victim he bought on cash a Toyota Volts registration number KBK 790- but was not provided with the logbook at the time of sale.
Ironically, when they later made a followup of the logbook a lady identified as Florence Mutanu of mobile number 0726994560 directed him to channel Sh10,000 through her Mpesa line to facilitate the processing of the logbook which is by any standard a vital document for any car owner.
Kilonzo said he sent the cash with hopes of ending unfruitful numerous trips from Machakos to Nairobi in search of the logbook.
Surprisingly Matanu would later advise him to go to police and make an official false statement to the effect that he lost the logbook.
Kilonzo was irked by the idea that the very woman who had introduced herself as the company’s sales consultant and taken him through the sale process was the same person advising him to make false report to the police regarding the logbook.
“How can a buyer go report lies in police station that his logbook got lost when he has not been issued with logbook,’’ wondered the victim.
Attempts by the victim to inquire on the purposes of the Sh10,000 sent through MPesa to the woman was met with a rude shock when Mutanu told him that the money had been put into the company’s account.
She shocked him further when she made a demand of a copy of his national identity card which she demanded to be strictly sent through her WhatsApp line.
The victim said it was a wise move to make the matter public apart from demanding for the attention of Kinoti and IG Hillary Mutyambai in a bid to expose any dirty game behind his predicament.
“What the company is hiding about the car is not clear. I have made efforts to reach the company but it seems it is hide and seek game,’’ he said.
Kilonzo said he was now worried of the legality of the car expressing fears that he may find himself on the wrong side of the law after the issuance of logbok failed which is the only way to prove the car he owns is genuine.
Weekly Citizen’s attempts to seek the position of the management of the car dealer company over the matter were fruitless as they could not be reached on phone.


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