Strengthen devolution to avert a revolution – Governor Wa Iria

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has asked the government to strengthen devolution to avert an imminent revolution in the country.

Wa Iria said any attempts to kill devolution would amount to a revolution as it directly affects the common Kenyan.

“The alternative to devolution is a revolution. We don’t have a choice other than strengthening it. If we don’t deliver services to Wanjiku, she will rebel,” Wa Iria said.

The governor who was speaking during a Building Bridges Initiative forum in Murang’a town noted that the Senate should also be strengthened as the upper house.

“If you kill the Senate, it will be the first step towards killing devolution,” he said.

He said the battle between the Senate and the National Assembly over sharing of revenue shows clearly that the counties would lose if the Senate were to be scrapped.

Senate, he said, is fighting to have more funds allocated to counties while the National Assemblies wants the allocation slashed.

“Senate is the godfather of devolution and should remain untouched. We want it strengthened and transformed into the upper house because they are representing the majority,” he said.

Wa Iria also noted that it had become extremely difficult for counties to embark on major development projects due to delayed allocation of revenue by the Exchequer.