Step forward to claim your true place as a leader


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Step forward to claim your true place as a leader

You know better than anyone else just how
You know better than anyone else just how capable you are. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

True leaders face a myriad of obstacles to their success. From managing themselves to managing others, building functional teams, navigating the dynamics of these and consistently delivering on their mandates, to name a few.

While this may already seem daunting as it is, the world still waits with bated breath for an even better crop of leaders. The ever increasing demands on leaders sees many aspirations remain just that. Far too many would-be supervisors, managers, managing directors and CEOs give up on the challenge without even trying. Who will take them seriously? What if they fail? What will others think, do or say when that happens?

Your greatest obstacle has nothing to do with others, the possibility of failure or that no one will take you seriously. However real these and a thousand and one other anxieties may be, they are in themselves far from the reason that your hat is not in the ring for the position. Your main obstacle is that you have licensed your insecurities to paralyse you into inaction. Yes, we may not take you seriously. That is fantastic feedback. It means that you have some self-improvement work to do. You want to spend time finding out why you fall short.

This means baring yourself to others to help you become better. Submission is a prerequisite for learning. Intelligently follow as you are schooled on various improvement areas. To lead others, you must learn to intelligently walk the path of the follower. Understand that leaders are the people who do the things that the average cannot and or will not do. Doing those things means that you inevitably stand out. If you are doing anything of consequence, you will inevitably ruffle a few feathers, rock a few boats and generally challenge the status quo. Come, on leader! This is the journey you have got to walk. You were meant to leave your indelible mark on every endeavour by growing into that unrivalled leader.

Everybody does certain things to grow. Know that you’re not everybody. You’re a leader. You do things a certain way. If you are going to be involved in anything at all, you do it in the “you”-way. You sign every single one of your endeavours with excellence.

Your maker’s gift to you is endlessly available talent latently woven in every fibre of your being. That means that you have more ability in you than will ever run out of. Your gratitude for that is to discover, develop and use that talent to its full extent to serve others for as long as you are here.

Your hiding behind “what ifs” does nothing to showcase your talents and certainly doesn’t reward you for them. You were created capable, fearless and ambitious — a leader. The apprehension, worry and self-doubt that you allow to steal your greatness is learned behavior. Watch the risks children under five years can take if you don’t believe me.

You know better than anyone else just how capable you are. If you don’t allow us to experience it, someone else will… and we will reward that someone. We are the market. We are here. We need and want your service even if we do not know what it is yet. We are willing, ready and able to pay you in cash and kind for the value that you can add to our lives. Why would you deny us and yourself the opportunity?

There is a need for what you can do with your talent or you wouldn’t have it to begin with.

You have the ability to deliver. All you need is to do is become the SI unit of how we measure leadership in your field and in so doing, inspire others to do the same.


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