State plans to freeze accounts and take assets of fake gold dealers – Weekly Citizen


The State argues that the suspects are engaged in high-stake money laundering racket and other economic crimes sabotaging the economy both locally and internationally.

Ordinarily money laundering is the process of making large amounts of money generated by a criminal activity, such as drug trafficking and make it appears to have come from a legitimate source.

Such money is considered dirty.

Here is a list of marked top money launders in the country whose assets are targeted by the government:

  1. Moses Wentagula– The Bungoma Senator has been linked to the sh400 million fake gold scam that has taken the country and International community by storm.



  2. Zaheer Jhanda– Detectives have profiled him as a person of interest in the sh 400 million gold saga in which United Arab Emirates ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum was conned.
  3. Jared Otieno– The main fugitive in the fake Gold scandal. Was arrested in a dawn raid and two of his brand new vehicles- a Porsche and Bentley seized.
  4. Don Bosco Gichana-Linked to the Gold scam and has reportedly gone underground. Has attributed his troubles to ‘fake bloggers’’.
  5. Babu Owino_

    Babu Owino

  6. Paul Kobia-Contraversial businessman and politician with questionable background and known for his filthy rich lifestyle.
  7. Steve Mbogo- Former Starehe parliamentary hopeful fighting claims of being a fraud.
  8. Caleb Amisi



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