Snapchap maneno: When you date partner addicted to social media


If you are dating someone obsessed with social media, try to be a little accommodating unless your partner is glued to the phone 24/7.

Can a relationship between someone who is addicted to social media and someone who hates it work? In this social media obsessed generation, there are still a few people who utterly despise social media.

There was a time I was crazy about social media then I began dating a guy who hated it and it was a very challenging relationship to say the least.

At that time, I had just joined snapchat and with all the excitement of experiencing this new app, I would snapchat every little mundane thing in my life. I always had my phone in my hand ready to capture anything that caught my interest.

My new boyfriend was not amused. At first, he tried to act like he was okay with it but I could see him getting flustered every time I took my phone out.

It all came to a head one evening when we had a huge fight about my social media obsession. He thought I was spending too much time on my phone when with him.

I thought he was overreacting. Ultimately, we decided to try and make it work. I promised to spend less time on my phone when with him and he promised to stop getting so worked up every time I wanted to take a picture or a video for my social media.

Flash forward a few months and we were having dinner at a restaurant and I was going to have flambéed crepes for dessert. For the uninitiated, flambé is a showy cooking technique where alcohol is added to the food and then ignited to create a burst of flames.

I excused myself to use the washrooms just as the chef was arriving at our table to make the crepes for us. I was gone for a few minutes and was expecting to find the crepes all ready when I got back to the table.

To my surprise, I found the chef waiting for me. He told me that my boyfriend had told him to wait for me to get back before making the crepes because he thought I would want to snapchat the flambé part.

He even told the chef to let me know just before setting the food ablaze so I could have my camera set up and ready. How sweet!

Just a few months prior we were fighting about me being on snapchat and now he was doing everything he could to make sure I got the perfect snaps!

Dating someone who is addicted to social media is not the worst thing in the world and unless your partner is so attached to her that she takes it to bed and to the shower, you can make it work.

My advice to social media obsessed people is to take photos but not post them right away because when you post them you became anxious to see the reactions and the comments so you keep checking your phone and that’s where the problem comes in.

Take as many pictures as you like but post them at your own time, not when your partner is expecting your undivided attention. Learn to enjoy the moment without letting your phone get in the way.

If you are dating someone obsessed with social media, try to be a little accommodating unless your partner is glued to the phone 24/7.

Try to hide your annoyance when your partner whips out her phone to capture something interesting.  Also, be willing to take pictures of her once in a while. She will really appreciate it.



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