Six hospitalised as cholera outbreak hits Nakuru town


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Health officials have confirmed a cholera outbreak in Nakuru town saying that, already, six people have been admitted to hospital.

Public Health Officer Samuel King’ori said they are doing everything possible to contain the disease and that they have set up isolation wards to avoid a further spread of the disease.

Speaking in in Nakuru town Tuesday, Mr King’ori urged residents to desist from eating foods cooked on roadsides, boil drinking water and also wash their hands with soap and water before eating.

He said the county has the capacity to contain the disease from spreading as long as the residents follow the rules of hygiene and keep their environment clean.

Cholera causes severe watery diarrhoea which can lead to dehydration and even death within four days if not treated immediately.

The disease was rare in Nakuru County until four years ago when the first case was reported in Kwa Rhoda slums. At the time, health officials blamed it on a visitor who was on transit.

Since then, there have been several outbreaks with residents blaming perennial water shortages and increased population in the town for it eruption.

But according to Mr Timothy Aleko, a physical planner based in Nakuru town, the sporadic outbreaks of the disease in the country can be blamed on the curative which has been used in dealing with cholera.

Mr Aleko said it is much easier and cheaper to invest in the prevention of cholera.

This, he said, requires the involvement of town planners and engineers since the clogged sewages and drainages contribute a lot to the frequent outbreaks.

“Without the involvement of planners and engineers the health workers are likely to keep on fire-fighting an endless battle with outbreaks of cholera,” he said.

He urged counties to appoint engineers to town boards in order to develop well-planned towns with functional sewerage systems.

He also called for an end the building of pit latrines and digging of wells in urban areas since in most cases they end up contaminating piped water whenever there is a leakage.


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