Sex ghost haunts Pefa bishop from office – Weekly Citizen


Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa church regional bishop representing Malava and Navakholo region, Sinema Bamba, has stepped aside from his position to pave way for investigations into alleged audio phone call recording with a woman believed to be his lover and married a church member.
In a later dated May 8 2019 and signed by the chairman of the church council of elders subcommittee, Bishop George Chipa and General Bishop Thomas Chipa, Bamba will be out for an indefinite period of time as investigations into the conversation of the two goes on to unravel the truth of the matter.
The committee reiterated that peace and tranquility be maintained at all costs and the image of the church be guarded jealously.

Bishop Joseph Mophat Kilioba

The church top office confirmed the immediate former regional overseer representing Kakamega North region Elly Taliti will take over from Bamba as the regional Bishop in a church function attended by hundreds of faithful in Malava town.
Taliti will now be heading more than 120 churches in the two sub counties.
Bamba was retained as the pastor of Musingu church and will be reporting to Taliti.
In the recording that has since been shared on many social platforms, Bamba is heard directing a woman of their next meeting point at least to share some sweet moments as the two seemed to have missed each other for long.
The woman who has since been identified as a clerk working in the office of the member of county assembly of Chimuche ward in Malava Jason Lutomia is overheard requesting that Bamba sent some money to buy a drink as she waits for him promising to give him the best of all moments.
It is not clear who shared the clip and the intention behind but Bamba has so far not disowned it only saying it is the devil working for his downfall.


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