Senseless killing of young girls on rise in Kampala


I really don’t understand why these men cannot find another way of expending their excess energy.

The senseless brutal killing of young ladies by men in and around Kampala continues. Yes, it is men who sadistically torture and kill the poor girls because rape is part of the gruesome package they inflict on their victims. And there is no way a woman can brutally rape another and then insert sticks into her private parts before slitting her throat.

I really don’t understand why these men cannot find another way of expending their excess energy. They could go cultivate their bushy villages for example.

They could dredge and unblock Kampala’s blocked drainages that cause flooding whenever it drizzles, and we are getting more that a drizzle these days. They could also go to the gym if they are so allergic to using their energy for something to benefit the society. Torturing and raping girls to death is certainly not useful at all to our country.

The latest publicized victim is a young medical doctor who, at the age of twenty-seven, was the darling of all who came into contact with her. She was hardworking and compassionate. Then a week before Easter she went missing and photos of her beautiful face were circulated by her family and International Hospital Kampala where she was working.

By that time, her body was already decomposing in a septic tank on the affluent Tank Hill Muyenga, where she was renting an apartment. Over a week later, the guard at the apartment building was arrested hundreds of miles away in his home village where he had ran to after killing her and dumping her body in the tank.

On being arrested, he arrogantly admitted his gruesome act and led the police straight to where he had dumped the body. For some reason, the man of our police had not though it worthy to search the premises where the missing person lived and was last seen!

Anyway, this was not the first young lady to be brutally murdered and dumped in a septic tank on Tank Hill Muyenga.

A few years back they did it to another beautiful soul in exactly the same fashion. And the day family and friends were holding the funeral of the young doctor, another young lady, I mean her body, was picked in the drainage channel at the foot of Muyenga.

The body had all the marks of torture, rape and a deep stab wound in the neck. She wasn’t a doctor, at least her identity was not immediately established, so she didn’t make much news. A few kilometres away, is the spot where the mutilated body of another beautiful victim was found after her parents paid a huge ransom to her kidnappers a year ago.

These are just some of the publicized victims of the frenzied killing of young women in the district of Wakiso which borders Kampala in the past couple of years. Some three dozen have been similarly killed, and yes, not a single conviction in court yet.

If three dozen men had been mutilated and killed in one district, all the army and police would have been mobilized to trace the killers. But women! 

The UN people tend to describe DR Congo as the most dangerous place for a girl to be, closely followed by South Sudan. Well, both are our neighbours, so we seem to be doing our best to compete with them.



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