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John Mwaka

Sasra CEO John Mwaka is under scrutiny. To start with, he manipulates parastatal directors with impunity pocketing the former chairman Joseph Ole Lenku now governor Kajiado and the current one former Kitui MP.
Any new chairman is manipulated by being offered a trip to Canada and USA for two weeks accompanied by the CEO.Like what he had done to the current chairman.
According to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, “during Mwaka’s time as a cooperative officer in Mombasa, he allegedly collected a bribe from Imarika Sacco which led to his interdiction. With the help of commissioner Mary Mungai who was his boss then, he was reinstated after three years. Later when Sasra was to be formed in 2008, the commissioner pushed for him to be the acting CEO. It was after this that he employed commissioner’s son a one Ben at Sasra. It’s interesting to note that this IT staff absconds duty even for eight months, appears for three months, then goes again for six months and so on. Even last year he was away for six months. Mungai has another kid in US where she visits every year in the month of July/August with all expenses paid by Sasra.Ask Mwaka and the CFO Ken Opiyo to deny that. Mwaka owes a lot to the commissioner. The relationship between the two is very cozy like lovebirds.
“In the year 2017, Sasra was moving offices to a bigger space in Upperhill UAP building. It is surprising to note that the cost for partitioning a building was Sh170m million. Considering that Hon Kibwana used only Sh135m to build and equip a referral hospital, this is outright fraud. The money could have been enough to buy and build an office and probably more than enough. This contract which was pushed by Mwaka and the commissioner was done as a closed tender and a former director, Kinyua, who vied for an MP seat in Meru, was awarded using a proxy company. The commissioner and Mwaka obviously got huge kickbacks from the amounts. But the catch was, Sasra was recruiting a CEO because Mwaka was acting, hence Kinyua and commissioner were to deliver the seat to Mwaka, in exchange with the tender. They were to use the influence of CS Adan’s powerful PA, Mwendwa to do that. The seat was delivered and so the tender.
“The other beneficiary of the Sh170million was Mwaka’s confidant, the manager in charge of HR and administration Boniface Musumbi. After the tender was awarded and money released, Musumbi was able to build a house, buy a new car for himself and another car for his wife all in less than a year. The fourth beneficiary was Diana Mwacharo, the procurement manager whose husband is also a supplier to Sasra using a proxy company for the disadvantaged group (disabled) which supplies travel tickets, which is very lucrative in Sasra. Mwaka alone goes for about 10 international trips every year and the other senior staff like five each. Almost 90pc of the AGPO budget goes to Diana’s husband. This Diana has an existing case with the EACC from her previous employer IEBC, it’s surprising how she passed the vetting from both Sasra and the recent government’s mock vetting which was shambolic. Show me one manager who didn’t pass the vetting yet the government is losing money everyday through the hands of these fraudsters in the name of procurement managers.
“It’s not surprising that even the Kenao auditors have never reported any irregularities in Sasra procurent process. This is because they are Sasra suppliers, a serious conflict of interest. They are paid by Mwaka to keep quiet. As members of the public who pay tax faithfully, we ask ourselves, where is EACC, where is DPP where is DCI Kinoti. You cannot afford to keep quiet as Sasra is being looted by Mwaka and the group. No wonder there’s never enough budget to supervise Saccos with the reports of internal auditor not being taken serious and not being implemented.
“Let the multiagencies taskforce act before the public loses confidence with Sasra and the government. Saccos are dying everyday because after Mwaka takes bribes, he loses the moral authority to discipline them. DCI, the public is crying unto you, please help and recover all the looted money


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