Rosa Ree opens up about her dream to become a mother: Be a good wife, and positively impact on society

Tanzanian rap Queen, Rosa Ree opens up about her dream to become a mother.

Despite online trolls and public bashing of who exactly she might be, speaking to Wasafi media Rosa Ree clarifies :

People will always have opinions about you and I don´t really mind them.

Ila, mimi kama mimi, I love being a woman, I´m a woman.

Napenda sana, the fact that I was born a female.

I love that!

Further revealing how she at the very first, dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, before music even struck her mind.

However, she might not have accomplished her first dream but her biggest and loudest dream is now to become a mother.

And I keep saying kwamba mimi my biggest dream is to become a mother.

To give life.

Before music, before anything, and be a good wife, a person who, anaongeza kitu kwenye jamii.


The rap sensation confessed she is single and her only love at the moment is Jesus Christ.

Niko serious sana naye katika mahusiano yetu.

Ananifanyia mambo makubwa sana.

However, speaking concerning possible relationships with artistes or personalities, she was unable to clarify on her liking towards Khaligraph Jones.

Fortunately, she could not help but reveal a close relationship with Timmy T Dat who when given the options of ´Pass´ or ´Smash´, picked on ´Smash´.

I know him better personally.

Not because of how he looks, [but that´s a complement].

But pia his qualities as a person. Who he is.

You know mimi, I can´t smash someone who hasn´t blown my mind.

Rosa Ree also reveals she did her first tattoo when she was just 16, but got it rough from her dad.

Nilichora Tattoo ya kwanza nikiwa na umri wa Miaka 16, Ilikiwa Noma sana Kwa Baba Yangu,

Huwa analalamika lakini akiniona kwenye magazeti anasema yule Mwanangu

Fortunate enough, the dad has finally come into good terms with her daughter.

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