Risper throws lavish birthday to celebrate son’s birthday

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith is one happy mum now that her son has turned 6 months.

To celebrate this, the lady went all out to mark this special milestone. From her Instagram posts we understand that Risper not only ordered cakes but also decorations for her son special day.

Risper  captioned one photo

“Aki I am so happy. Thank you God for the fruit of the womb. Thanks for shaming my enemies, I serve a living God.”

Trouble conceiving

A while back Mishi Dora who was part of Nairobi Diaries went on to reveal that Risper Faith could not conceive.

This was after Dora was said to have been eyeing Risper’s man. Mishi Dora however chose to respond by exposing Risper’s ‘inability’ to have children.

Mishi went on to post a WhatsApp conversation where Risper is seen asking Bridget Achieng to help her find traditional herbs which could help her conceive. She captioned the photo saying;

“I thought you said yesterday that all you need is Brian’s sperm in order to get pg… I don’t just bark. I bite honey lady Risper this is just the beginning…This is just a taste of what is in my possession, I don’t always lose my battles easily so I’ll see this to the end,”

Anyway despite all that drama Risper and her man have since been blessed with a healthy baby boy!

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