Risper Faith opens up about her weight loss journey 6 months after undergoing C section

Risper Faith is now embarking on a weight loss journey 6 months after welcoming her adorable son.

It has taken her this long to think about shedding off the baby fat since she still needed time to heal after undergoing C section.

The A Team, Risper Faith, Bridget and Pendo

Through her Instagram page, Risper Faith shared one of her old photos and went on to reveal that this was the size she was hoping to bounce back to.


The lass went on to reveal that she was hoping to achieve this in 90 days….which might be possible or rather harder than she thinks since baby fat is not a joke!

Difficulty conceiving

In yet another post Risper Faith went on to thank God for shaming her enemies. Well, this is after Mishi Dora went on to laugh out at Risper Faith claiming she could not conceive.

However, about a year later Risper Faith and her man were blessed with an adorable baby boy proving that indeed the rumors were false!

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