Randy journalist hospitalized after overdosing on ‘blue pill’


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A journalist was rushed to hospital after overdosing on a sex stimulant during the Easter holiday.

The man is said to have developed difficulty in breathing and tearing in the eyes with his stick expanding like a puff udder.

The man had booked a room in a restaurant to have a nice weekend with one of his girlfriends.

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Powerplay heard that by the time he was hit by the effect of the drug, the woman had not arrived at the hotel. The journo was rushed to hospital by friends.

“He was lucky his friends were around and were able to rush him to hospital,” a witness told Powerplay.

Sources at the hospital said the man had an overdose of some sex stimulant – and could have impaired his vision.

“It is stronger than Viagra and can kill within hours if not used properly,” a source at the hospital said.


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