Raila sold his soul, now overworking as Uhuru sycophant, Jubilee apologist


Mr Odinga, the former “people’s president” in whose support so many died, has turned into the regime’s foremost promoter.

In the dying days of World War Two, as Japan was crushed by the might of the Anglo-Saxons, a different contest that would prove to be just as bitter, protracted and deadly as the world war was quietly beginning to be felt across the West.

It was the struggle between freedom and communism. The spectre of communist infiltration was stalking Europe. And, as the war drew to a close, the English journalist and novelist George Orwell published “Animal Farm”, a startling little book that so uncannily predicted the outcomes of communist and other totalitarian states that it seems today, looking back, like a prophecy straight from the pages of scripture.

In Animal Farm, the animal population of a shabbily-run farm rebel and overthrow their irresponsible and alcoholic, Mr. Jones. The rebellion is led by an old boar, Old Major, who dies soon after the animals’ revolt.

Mr. Jones is driven off the farm, and the animals then go about renaming the farm (to “Animal Farm”), and enacting commandments to live by as equals. Leadership of the farm – now a commune of sorts, hence “communism” -is handed over to the pigs, cleverest of the animals, after which matters rapidly take a turn for the scarcely believable.

The pigs begin to resemble the humans that were overthrown – the pigs start walking upright on two legs, they carry whips to beat the other animals with, they drink alcohol, and wear clothes just like humans.

In the final act of betrayal, the seven commandments that the animals agreed upon during their revolt are abridged to just two: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, and “Four legs good, two legs better”, a reference to the pigs’ new human walking style.

As the book closes, the lead pig holds a party only for the pigs and some new human friends. The old name of the farm and abolishes all practice of the revolutionary acts that the animals had agreed upon as their new traditions.

The animals, peeping into the party house, are unable to distinguish between pigs and humans. The revolution is dead, and the erstwhile leaders of the revolution have become part of the establishment, part of the oppressor, part of the problem.

Raila Odinga has spent his entire life fighting the Kenyan establishment, its corruption, its nepotism, its chaotic lack of any ability to run anything with any level of competence. And then came the so-called “handshake”. Matters took a turn for the farcical.

Mr Odinga, the former “people’s president” in whose support so many died while protesting the excesses of this and past Kenyan governments, has turned into the regime’s foremost promoter. Where he led Kenyans in decrying government corruption and the growing Chinese loan debt that Jubilee have imposed on Kenyans, Raila today leads delegations to China to beg for more loans.

Where he once championed freedom from state surveillance, Raila today adorns billboards promoting government initiatives designed to enforce state-run surveillance of Kenyans.

Where he once led the push for democracy, Raila today leads the government’s efforts to lock out some aspirants from the presidency. The citizens of Kenya stand outside the big government party house, looking in, and can no longer distinguish between Raila and Uhuru.

The man has not only sold his soul but now overworking as a Jubilee influencer, if not Uhuru’s sycophant in chief, even as Government molests Kenyans. Honestly, is Raila so desperate for Uhuru’s endorsement to become president that he will stop at nothing? Kenya is the real Animal Farm!


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