Plot to recall Waititu as governor hatched – Weekly Citizen


The discovery of brazen corruption at the Kiambu county assembly appears to be the last nail on the coffin of the troubled governor Ferdinand Waititu who is a key pointman of William Ruto in the vote rich region.
A cornered Waititu is a worried man. Weekly Citizen has information that a plan to recall Waititu through collection of signatures from voters in the county has been hatched by his opponents.
He will be recalled as per article 192 of the constitution that gives citizens power to collect signatures and initiate the process to remove county government if it fails to deliver its mandate. Also targeted are MCAs accused of failing to check and balance Waititu administration.
Initially, Waititu aka Baba Yao had called for the investigation of area senator Kimani Wamatangi for interfering with official county documents for political reasons.
In press statement released to the media via his CEC youth affairs, sports, ICT and communications Karungo Wa Thang’wa, Waititu termed details on his budget as having been politically engineered to embarrass him and his government.
Wamatangi has declared interest in the governor’s seat in 2022.
The governor came under fire for a Sh2.5 billion expenditure that caused the senate to order a special audit.
The incriminating and mysterious corruption evidence reared its ugly face amidst growing efforts by Uhuru Kenyatta to silence key supporters of Tanga Tanga movement in a move to stop his deputy from becoming the next president.
Most governors and a host of other prominent faces from the Mt Kenya region who previously rarely missed Ruto’s events have been recently giving such events a wide berth after Uhuru launched a scathing attack on them.
But in what has left the governor and Kenyans baffled is how a financial report from Kiambu county government with functions unrelated to the county got to the senate. Senator Moses Kajwang’s county public accounts and investments committee unearthed as a shocker that left Waititu with egg on his face when it emerged that a whopping Sh2.5 billion was lost on strange projects.
Some of the projects included funding for peacekeeping in South Sudan, State House affairs, former president’s statutory benefits and free primary education. Waititu now has less than 40 days to explain his expenditure even as he maintains that his political rivals were using Wamatangi to bring him down by wrecking his political stars.
Imperatively, Uhuru is a furious man with politicians from his backyard who are energetically leading pro-Ruto early campaigns in Central Kenya.
This has caused him has caused him sleepless night as the move championed by Waititu has proved of a potential to grow into a strong movement that may not be easy to handle as far as 2022 politics are concerned.
Whereas many politicians from Mt Kenya have either completely chicken out or down play their association with Ruto, Waititu has resorted to exact opposite.
He has been going round condemning the handshake deal between Uhuru and Raila Odinga, ranting that the president would not arm twist them into conning.
This is evidently a direct reference to the head of state following a deal with his deputy and which was to ensure that he supports Ruto for president at the expiry of his constitutional two terms.
Frequent warnings from Uhuru to Mt Kenya leaders not to support Ruto left many even the regional church leaders and elders completely surprised.
They had all along assumed that their son would keep his promise to support his International Criminal Court accused colleague for the presidency in 2022.
But the change of tune also caught voters in the entire Mt Kenya unaware with most still trying to digest the matter which has now been accepted by many who are not ready to renegade against the regional political kingpin.
Insiders said Uhuru did not take lightly intelligence briefs regarding the relationship between Ruto and Waititu who apart from being the DP’s keyman in Mt Kenya was now accompanying Ruto to meetings across the country.
He would play a vital role in such meetings given his lethal attack on the president reminding him that Mt Kenya people were neither children nor con men to cheat the people of Rift Valley.
Some of the notable events outside Kiambu and which have brought to together the DP and his spindoctor Waititu are the recent meetings in Kakamega, Kisii and Rift Valley.
In Kisii Waititu was categorical that Mt Kenya will stand with Ruto noting it was unfortunate that some leaders in the country were heel bent to stop Ruto presidency despite the fact that he’s a hard worker compared to his competitors who are only full of stories.


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