Pending files at Kisumu EACC office pile – Weekly Citizen

Files at the office of the Kisumu Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission continue to pile. The files which the western region director is sitting on include those of Siaya, Vihiga and Kisumu. One of the files involves Sh30 million which was allegedly used for flood mitigation in April 2018
The other one is Madam R/Kachok dumpsite file on how the Kachok works was tendered and awarded. Another file is on the employment and recruitment investigations for Kisumu county that raises eyebrows on how the CS and other senior directors were recruited.
The regional director is said to have bought properties in Mlolongo, Konza and Isinya through a cousin and a lady proxy to evade being unmasked by investigative agencies.
In the Saiya county probe, he is said to have received a petition against the speaker of Siaya county assembly from Siaya residents on May 3 2019 but did not act upon it.
He reportedly took the files from the investigators and personally went to Siaya on the evening of Monday May 21 leaving Kisumu at 5.30pm and meeting the speaker at the speaker’s residence the same evening where he is said to have pocketed Sh3 million in a deal to stall investigations.
For the Vihiga county case, the EACC is sitting on a file where Sh18 million was wired to a private account in June 2018.
During the same time in question, books worth Sh35 million to institutions were budgeted for and money paid but no books were supplied while Sh26 million was paid for land said to have been set aside for putting up the governor’s house and Sh6 million up allegedly ended in his pockets. He is also understood to be sitting on the file for the spatial plan for Kisumu county