Otile Brown surprises Ethiopian Bae with New Ride

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Kenyan singer Otile Brown seems to be getting more serious with his Ethiopian bae Nabayet.

The couple was rumored to have broken up with after Nabayet flew back to Ethiopia weeks after announcing their relationship.

At the time, Otile Brown was busy doing his Europe tour and fans were quick to notice they deleted each other’s photos from their social media accounts.

To prove that all is well, the singer welcomed Nabayet back to the Kenyan soil with a new ride.

He has also been sharing videos and photos of them enjoying each other’s company since he jetted back to the country.

An excited Nabayet took to social media to express her love for the ride, captioning it with a sweet a message.

“So I took my new car out for a spin, Thank you thank you babe!” she said