Okumu, Okeyo land training opportunity in Germany


Gilly Okumu of Strathmore University women’s team and Willis Okeyo (Kenya Police) are relishing a rare opportunity of a two-month training with German sides. 

Gilly is training with Eintracht Frankfurt while Okeyo is attached to VfB Stuttgart and both players hope that the experience in Germany will help them transform both at the club and national level. Okeyo, who left the country last week, is a fourth time beneficiary of the programme and has promised to use his expertise to assist Kenyan players and clubs.

“It is a nice experience training with foreign clubs. Their programmes are high performing, intense and very aggressive as teams are investing in time and new strategies,” said Okeyo, adding: “Their coaching program is detailed and since I double up as USIU women coach, I will endeavour to help the national team, my club Kenya Police and USIU women’s side in terms of development.”

The soft-spoken midfield dynamo Okumu urged Kenyan players to train hard and exercise discipline as it is the basis of success in any field. She said: “It is through hard work that I was spotted while training with the national team and handed this opportunity. In fitness, there’s no short cut. I urge my fellow players never to lose hope. Personal discipline and determination are key because everyone has the same opportunity. Sports builds good habits, confidence and discipline.”

She added that her major assignment on return is to assist young and upcoming players to make a stride in the sport.


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