Nyakach MP’s ally set to unseat him – Weekly Citizen


Aduma Awuor

MP Aduma Owuor to reclaim the seat come 2022 general elections.
Long time associate and political ally for his twin victories in 2013 and 2017 has kicked off a campaign in earnest to succeed him. Jared Oriadha threw his hat into the ring in a funeral.
Oriadha kicked off the storm when he took over the podium to address mourners.
He told Aduma that it is high time he read the mood of the electorate and not seek for reelection for a third term for things had changed.
Oriadha hails from Lower Nyakach where he has initiated piped water projects, building of schools, supporting widows and assisting orphans and vulnerable to catapult his political bid for parliamentary seat.
Kisumu based Hezron Mcobewa and Joshua Oron have backed Oriadha move and promised to support him.
Other aspirants who have voiced their interest for the seat are Ochola, currently serving as an MCA in Nairobi, Sam Obudho and Ken Opande, former area MP Ochieng Daima and Chris Ondiek who has decided to lower his political aim from gubernatorial bid to parliamentary level. All hail from Aduma’s clan of Kadianga in Upper Nyakach reducing his numerical strength and chances of retaining the seat.
Soaring insecurity, alleged selective usage of NG-CDF funds and the recent exposure by the media of the sorry state of Kagola Primary School, a stone’s throw from the NG-CDF offices condemned by public health officers are some of the matters reportedly dwindling his political fortunes.
As a sign of a kick of a dying horse, of late, he has formed a habit of turning funerals into a platform to venomously attack leaders and worthwhile opponents.
This prompted elders of Kabodho clan to convene an impromptu meeting of which they resolved and vowed to source for a new leader come next election after Aduma had fired salvos unto them during the interment of the remains of tragic road accident victims.


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