Not a spelling mistake! Governor defends Swahili name on new currency

CBK governor Patrick Njoroge has clarified that the Swahili name for ‘bank’ as appearing on Kenyan currency is ‘Banki’, insisting that it is not a grammatical error.

Speaking during a press briefing, Njoroge said the name ‘Banki’ was selected by the Late Tom Mboya and John Michuki who were minister for Commerce and PS Treasury respectively.

He said Kenya has been using the Swahili word consistently on notes and that there is no cause to worry.

‘Bank is an English word and not Swahili. Kenya has been using it since 1966,’ Njoroge said.

Yesterday, Kenyans on Twitter debated about the correct Swahili word for Bank, with some criticising CBK for getting it wrong.

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