New salaries thousands of teachers will earn from July

Teachers Salary Kenya: Thousands of teachers in Kenya will start to earn higher salaries this July. This is according to a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will benefit up to 160,000 teachers in this year’s new phase.

Chief principals earning a basic salary of between Sh. 111,201 and Sh. 152,937 will now earn between Sh. 121,814 and Sh. 157,656. Chief principals fall in Grade D5 (Job Group Q and R).

Senior principals in Grade D4 (Job Group P) earning between Sh. 99,730 and Sh. 114,432 will now take home between Sh. 109,249 and Sh. 118,169.

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Principals in Grade D3 (Job Group M and N) earning between Sh. 77,840 and Sh. 90,612, will now take home between Sh. 93,850 and Sh. 102,802.

Deputy principals III, Grade D2 (Job Group N) earning between Sh. 71,565 and Sh. 85,269, will now earn Sh. 82,717 and Sh. 87,900.

Senior teachers, senior masters and deputy principals IV in Grade D1 (Job Group M and N) earning between Sh. 66,177 and Sh. 80,242, will now take home between Sh. 77,840 and Sh. 82,717 while headteacher, deputy headteacher I and senior master III in Grade C5 (Job Group G to M) earning between Sh. 40,849 and Sh. 60,000, will now take home between Sh. 51,632 and Sh. 62,272.

Deputy head teacher II in Grade C4 (Job Group G to L) earning between Sh. 35,927 and Sh. 49,912, will now take home between Sh. 45,287 and Sh. 51,632.

Secondary teacher I and senior teacher I Grade C3 (Job Group L) will now earn between Sh. 41,343 and Sh. 51,927 from the current salary of between Sh. 39,532 and Sh. 49,912.

Senior teacher II, secondary teacher II and secondary II UT and primary special need education teacher in Grade C2 (Job Group G to J) will earn between Sh. 31, 242 and Sh. 33,971 per month.

These teachers are currently earning between Sh. 27, 325 and Sh. 32, 988.

The CBA signed between TSC and teachers’ unions on October 20, 2016, was to be implemented in four years for junior teachers and two phases for senior teachers. (Teachers Salary Kenya).