NCA marks footbridge in Bomet made of bricks for demolition



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The National Construction Authority (NCA) has marked a Sh2.4 million footbridge in Bomet County for demolition, a few hours after the county government said it was structurally sound and safe for use by pedestrians.

Kirwa footbridge which runs across Kipsonoi River and connects Kibori and Kipkewa villages in Chemagel Ward, Sotik Sub-County was thrust into the limelight after it emerged that its pillars and ramp were built using bricks.

County Roads and Public Works Executive Philip Sowek on Tuesday afternoon toured the footbridge shortly after the NCA marked it for demolition, bringing a new twist to the matter which has generated a lot of public interest.

“The NCA has not given an official communication on their areas of concern and interest in the construction of the footbridge. As a matter of fact, the prerequisite requirements and standards have been adhered to in its construction,” said Mr Sowek.

He added, “We have just seen the markings and we want NCA to engage us officially and tell us what it is we have not complied with in the construction.”

Before the NCA marked the bridge for demolition, the matter had kicked off a storm with residents questioning the quality and safety of the structure even as the Roads department sought to justify the use of bricks in its construction.

The roads department also denied claims that the county government used Sh6.4 million for building the footbridge.


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