Naomi Campbell poses nude in Malindi, Kenya for British Vogue

Remember in November 2018 when British Supermodel Naomi Campbell jetted into Kenya, but no one knew exactly what the purpose of her visit was, as she did not give any interviews? All she did was share one post on Instagram and that was it.

Well, finally it can all be revealed. Naomi was in the country then, for a photo shoot with the team from British Vogue, the world’s most recognized fashion entertainment magazine. She is featuring on the upcoming July Edition of the publication, where she discusses how learning to feel present and comfortable in her own body is rooted in her mentality. The Vogue edition shoot locations were spread among various parts of Malindi town including one at the Lion In The Sun Resort in Malindi, owned by her friend Ex-Formula One boss Flavio Briatore. She posted this picture, together with two others, (from the upcoming British Vogue publication) with the caption, ” First drop of Golden Hour 🌅 BTS in Kenya for @britishvogue July 2019 🇰🇪 #NAOMIAFRICA “

The 49 year old supermodel told the fashion magazine that she hasn’t felt comfortable in her body until recently. According to Campbell herself, this kind of nude photo shoot took her years to find confidence in doing. In the nude picture, she is seen showing off her  incredible figure by going starkers from behind as she peered over her shoulder.

“It’s taken me a long time to feel right in my body – it’s something that has come with age, and has really only happened over the past few years. My mentality has played a big part in that journey, and working out has helped because it strengthens my mind, too – I’m not trying to become a muscle woman but, for me, the two things come as a package.”

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