Nairobi security agent nabs man in bed with wife – Weekly Citizen


A Nairobi police officer found a man with his wife in the matrimonial house at Gitegi shopping centre in Nyeri municipality.
The security agent knocked on the door on arrival from Nairobi but the wife with her lovebird inside the house refused to open the door, as she looked through the window to see their car parked outside.
Furiously, the agent with force banged on the door which opened and the man moved out in great speed followed by the woman while the agent entered the house to remain in alone at dawn when the incident happened.
Stanley Kimita drove his car KBL 944L all the way from Nairobi to Nyeri in two hours on suspicion after series of incidents already known to the landlord CK Githaiga where the couple is house.
Area Nyumba Kumi village elders Christopher Kagimbi and Joseph Wambugu tried to resolve the matter in order to restore peace but in vain since the car that had been parked outside was damaged by a group of men hired by the wife and her friend after being forced out of the house.
The village elders were discussing domestic peace in a shanty situated at Gitegi shopping centre, where Administration Police popped in on a tipoff and arrested two young men and woman suspected of damaging the car.
They were taken to Kiganjo Police Station whereas security agent took all belongings of his unfaithful wife to the home of the estranged wife.
Leah Gatamu allegedly lured a group of young men to throw stones on the roof top of the house and to damage the car by breaking the rear screen and to remove and deflected the tyres while uttering provoking words.
Leah decided to wait at Chaka trading centre for Moyale bound bus on its way from Nairobi in order to vacate from Gitegi shopping centre where she is locally famous for selling miraa and cannabis sativa among other illegal drugs.
Comments from villagers indicate that there would have occurred another second murder like that of Mary Wangui who was murdered in cold blood allegedly by husband after separation for some time.
The villagers are of the opinion that not unless stern legal action and moral instructions are instituted against the hardened criminals, such criminal behaviours cannot be eliminated.
Certain personalities suggest that no way of eliminating the killers other than burning of suspects instead of taking them to prison or to the police station from where they come to jeer at complainants after being released.
They described them as daring criminals who commit crimes without honouring the 10 divine laws of God, of which one should not kill.
Remarks made by certain personalities reflect that nearly everyone is living in fear without being sure when and what is likely to happen when a provoked partner will cause such unexpected incident or loss of life.


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