Mr Seed’s fiancé reveals heartache over her struggle to breastfeed

Nimo Gachuiri has opened up about how she struggles to breastfeed her son, Gold.

Just like most new mums, the young mum assumed breastfeeding would be easy and something that happened naturally.

Mr Seed’s fiancé with their son, Gold

I have been struggling with Maziwa.she admitted while giving a review to some lactation cookies she came across.

She went on to add saying

My expressing journey has been a nightmare! I have tried everything, I have tried Uji…stopped working out. Tried Chai, Uji, supu tried everything but I have been struggling with milk!

This is however something many new mums struggle with but find hard to talk about as they fear to be judged.

Mr Seed and fiancé

Weight gain!

After welcoming her son, Mr Seed’s fiancé decided to hit the gym in fear of gaining excess weight due to the foods she was eating hoping to increase her milk supply.

Nimo however says she has since stopped working out and is now focused on finding ways to improve her son’s breastfeeding experience.

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