Minting money! Kenya comedians getting millions from endorsements


Comedy industry is one of the fastest rising in Africa and has totally changed the lifestyles of comedians compared to the past. African comedians have put the name of our continent on the world map.

Nowadays comedy has highly commercialized a lot of money.  Just like we have seen many soccer stars feature in adverts for well-known companies, like NIKE, ADIDAS, COCA COLA, PEPSI, HUAWEI etc, comedians are also milking money thanks to their creativity.

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Well, in Kenya we have quite a number of comedians who work with local companies and earn a lot of money from these endorsements. From their lifestyles, you can easily tell that they live largely.

From Eric Omondi to Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda, meet the Kenyan comedians milking money from corporates.

  1. Eric Omondi

He is without a doubt one of the best and richest African comedians. Eric has managed to create a niche for himself in the competitive laugh industry and he currently works with several brands among them: One of the leading tour companies Bonfire Adventures and Dola wheat flour. He’s also the brand ambassador of William Lawson.

eric omondi

2. Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula

Papa Shirandula worked with Coca-Cola for quite a while before taking his comedy career as a full-time job. He currently works with GoTV.

Papa Shirandula

3. Davis Mwambili aka Inspekta Mwala

He’s one of the most after comedians in the country. Mwala who shot to fame after he first appeared on Vitimbi and in early 2000’s he started his own programme Inspekta Mwala which airs on Citizen TV  every Monday evening.  The Radio Citizen presenter has also worked with several brands among them advertising motorbikes.

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4. Dr Ofweneke

Dr Ofweneke has risen the ranks to become one of the most sought-after comedians and MCs. He has worked with top corporates, where he emcees events, especially during festive seasons. The multi-talented comedian has become the city’s best wedding MC and every weekend he graces an event. His creativity and sense of humor have won the hearts of many.

Dr Ofweneke

5. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill

Commonly referred to as the Godfather of Kenyan comedy industry, Churchill has nurtured raw talents into superstars and examples include Teacher Wanjiku, Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, David the Student, Smart Joker, Professor Hamo just to mention but a few. He works with several brands which sponsor his show and last year, he was among those who featured in Two Rivers adverts.

Eric Omondi and Churchill

6. Wilbroda

The actress or rather comedienne whose real name is Jacquey Nyaminde is giving her counterparts a run for their money. Wilbroda is the brand ambassador for Jikokoa, Ex baking flour, worked with a milk processing company among others. She’s a radio presenter at Rdio Citizen.

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 7. Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o

The multi-talented comedian is a true definition of grass to grace story. Unlike many who were born with a silver spoon, Jalang’o has worked hard his way up to build his brand. He advertises for a lot of companies such as Hannan tissues and fertilizer company.

8.  DJ Shiti

The comedian, who is the star of KTN’s Real Houshelps of Kawangware show is the Startimes brand ambassador.

9. Jackline Vike aka Awinja

The popular actress who stars in Papa Shirandula has created a niche for herself in the flooded entertainment industry and she works with top local companies such as Uber, Pesa Pap, Safaricom etc.


10. Mogaka and Nyasuguta

The two who used to act as husband and wife back then in Vitimbi are now working with Safaricom.


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11. Njugush

The talented comedian has won the hearts of many thanks to his creativity. Njugush who rarely thrives on scandals like many celebrities do, has landed major endorsements in less than one year and he currently works with Safaricom, whitewash soap company, Blaze and Bountiful Safaris.