Mansion de Willis! TV Presenter Willis Raburu shows off his digs (Photo)

TV news reader and host of popular entertainment show, 10 Over 10 is a man with a vision.

Willis Raburu has invested his money wisely instead of flossing and buying unnecessary stuff to look cool.

Most media personalities play to the masses and perpetuate the image of affluence. But if they loose the jobs, they are left poorer than a church mouse.

They keep up appearances, showing the public a different life but behind the scenes away from the hype and behind closed doors, wanakula sukuma wiki bila nyanya.

In a recent interview former K24 Swahili news anchor, Ann Ngugi talked about her life away from the razzle dazzle of TV.

This is not the case with Kenya’s media teddy bear, or if you like, Big Willis or The Raburu. The Citizen TV news anchor has plans for his life and his family.

Talking of family, after you see the size of his house, you will understand why Willis is considered a very eligible bachelor.

Gold diggers kaa mbali, tafadhali.

Willis is very wise to invest in a property whose depreciation value is lower than a Mercedes Benz or a metallic blue Subaru. He has built a beautiful house if what he posted on his Instagram is to be believed.

The Citizen TV star posted a photo of his house and wrote,

“Almost there….”

Comedian Jalango was impressed and wished him well by posting in his Instagram comment section, “Congratulations bro….looking good.”

While one hustler, itsmycall_smithyy was looking for a job to beautify the compound. He wrote, “@willisraburu lemme do the landscaping for you?”

Life ni kuhustle.

Check out the photo of Mansion de Willis.

Willis Raburu's House