Man featured on Wema Sepetu s*x tape sends actress encouraging message after she was sent to jail

Actress Wema Sepetu has now been behind bars for 3 days and still has 4 more days to go before she is released on bond.

The lady was sentenced to 7 days behind bars for failing to appear for her court hearing by Kisutu Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde who ordered her to be detained as punishment.

This is after she shared a photo kissing her ‘future’ husband and according to Tanzanian laws such photos are prohibited from being published on social media.

Surprisingly Wema Sepetu was the only one arrested and the other party left with no punishment whatsoever!

‘Future husband’s’ message to Wema Sepetu

Through his Instagram page Patrick popularly known as PSK by fans has gone ahead to share a message directed to Wema Sepetu.

He went on to encourage her through this hard time saying;

“Pole sana but nimapito , hili litapita be strong.. nimeumia sana na kilichotokea but naamini Jela sio mwisho wa life yatapita na utakuwa tu strong”.

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