Mama Diamond Platnumz sweet message to Wema Sepetu after the actress was locked up

Wema Sepetu is currently being held behind bars after Kisutu Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde ordered her to be detained for 7 days after failing to appear twice for her case hearing.

Wema Sepetu

This came as a surprise since Sepetu’s legal team had been working hard to get the case thrown out of court.

With the news making headlines on almost all East African tabloids; fellow celebrities decided to join in and show their support for the actress.

Sepetu’s best friend Aunty Ezekiel went on to post her photos on Instagram encouraging her not to give up.

Mama Dangote’s message

Well, mama Dangote also seems to have joined the band wagon as she earlier today went on to  share a photo of the actress captioning it;

Be strong my love heart💕

Mama Dangote

The had however fallen out after Diamond Platnumz and Sepetu’s nasty break up back in 2015. They however seem to have forgiven each other and moved on to better their friendship.

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