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A fresh controversy has hit the prestigious Moi Girls’ secondary school in Nairobi following a leaked report pointing at the existence of a strong network of lesbianism group where hardcore members are currently in recruitment spree targeting newcomers.

Revelations that students engaged in a widely discussed lesbianism at the institution are hell bent to recruit their colleagues come at a time the country is expecting a report that was to clear the air on what exactly took place following last year’s shocking rape claims at the school.

letter showing communications between lesbians and the victim

At the height of  the investigations into the rape claims, the then Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Muhammed accused officials at the school of tampering with evidence on realisation that the nature of sexual assault would badly tarnish the name of the school.

But almost one year down the line after the ugly incident, more pointers have emerged corroborating an early report by the Kenya Union of Post Primary Educations Teachers that attributed rape incident to growing lesbianism at the school.

An internal investigation that was conducted by KUPPET concluded that there was no man at the dormitory which was the scene of crime executed during the night.

KUPPET felt that the victims may have been molested by fellow girls for rejecting their sexual advances after it emerged that a student who was found in another girl’s bed during the commotion later complained of pain in her genital area.

One of the victims whose father spoke to Weekly Citizen exposed a trail of letter communication stating how she was threatened with dire consequences failure to join the lesbianism club at the school.

The letter in our possession details how the lesbians kicked off a communication commanding her to join the group or brace herself for unending troubles with the administration for the rest of her days at Moi Girls’ Secondary School.

However, when contacted the school’s new board chairman Eng Paul Mwema refuted such claims but was quick to add that they were cooked stories from a parent embroiled in a court case with the school following devil worshiping claims against his daughter.

Mwema said he did not understand why the matter was drawing attention of the media yet it was in the public domain that such cases were rampant across schools in the country adding it was a nightmare the government is struggling to deal with.

But according to the girl’s father, his daughter was fixed by her tormentors who had vowed in a letter to make life unbearable for her at the institution if she failed to become a lesbian as per their demanded.

He lamented the lesbians irked by his daughter’s reluctance to give in to their demands executed their plans when during class hours she dozed off and entered into dream world prompting her enemies to stage a commotion while shouting that she had been possessed by evil spirits.

Following the accusations, the girl was kicked out of the school but her angered father in protest filed a case at the High Court before Judge Pauline Nyamweya.

During an exclusive interview with Weekly Citizen, the victim’s father said the discovery that his daughter’s predicament was as a result of refusing to join lesbianism dawned on the family when the student confessed and produced a letter to support the claims.

However, the school’s board chairman Mwema dismissed the letter as an afterthought move since it was not introduced when a case related to the matter was first filed at the court.

“I am having a copy of the letter and what baffles the school management is why he did not bring up the letter issue when he decided to take us to court for sending away the girl over suspicious actions,” said Mwema.

But the father said it took him long to produce the letter because the girl had denied him the knowledge of lesbianism and the existence of the letter only to disclose to her mother who is rarely together with the family at home.

Mwemu said the girl had been allowed back to school to continue with her learning.

Eng. Mwemu took over as the new Board of Management chairman at a time the school administration was feeling the heat as a result of the rape claims that left the country in awe.



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