LEGAL AID: Can I remove the biological father from birth certificate?


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If I marry a single mother of one child and want to assume full responsibility for the child, is it possible to delete the name of the biological father from the birth certificate?

This is because adding the child to one’s list of dependents e.g. for medical cover, is impossible if a different name appears as father on the birth certificate. 

Thank you for your question. You can assume parental responsibility without changing names by virtue of marriage or through an adoption process for legal custody.

Unfortunately, the Births and Deaths Registration Act does not give clear direction on deleting the name of a parent on a birth certificate.

Lastly, upon acquiring parental responsibility through marriage, you can add the child’s name to the list of dependents for medical cover. In the alternative, you are allowed to swear an affidavit as proof of parental responsibility.

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