Labour CS Yattani calls for democratised management of ILO

Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani has called for a transparent and democratised management of the international labor umbrella body ILO.

Addressing the organisation’s 100th year anniversary on Tuesday at its Geneva headquarters, Yattani said that he joins other African countries is pushing for a democratized variation of the agency’s top structure. He said this would make it effective in achieving its tripartite agenda embodied in defending the rights of workers, employers, and governments at the same time.

Africa countries have been pushing for a diverse leadership at most of the agencies of the United Nation including the powerful Security council and the International Labor Organization. The countries want more women, youth, persons with disability and persons of color, particularly Africans given opportunities at the helm of the outfits.

The CS said he supports this push. 

The current director-general of the outfit is Guy Ryder, a Briton who has been at its helm since 2012. He is the tenth director-general of the organization. 

Yattani said democratising the organisation and making it more diverse is “indeed the undisputed pillar for social justice globally and which it must guard jealously.”

The CS also said that the government has made strides in ensuring the workplace is human-centered in a bid to empower the workers.