KNCCI aspirant linked toNHIF scam as tampers flare at Kisumu hotel – Weekly Citizen


An aspirant for the position of vice president for the forthcoming Kenya national chamber of commerce and industry has called on the Ethics and anti-Corruption commission should investigate his opponent.

Gor Semelango said the Dr Eric Ruto  should be probed for allegedly bribing delegates.Other aspirants also want Dr Ruto be investigated in matters relating to the source of his wealth which they claim is ill acquired.They link his fortunes to multi-millions  National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) which his hospital RAE has corruptly been claiming.


“We have evidence that some computers have been given out to some regions.” Gor said.

Earlier  a number of computers were indeed given out to some regions after Ruto met the delegates in Kisumu.

Semelango  said he will revive all branches when elected to office.

He said that he will create linkages with local branches which have been dead.

There was a near stampede after some youths aligned to Semelango were thrown out of the hotel by the management.They had planned to disrupt Ruto function.

Semelango denied that he has stepped down in favour of Ruto.

“We simply allowed him to come and meet our members in the region’ he said.

He said they will meet at the ballot.


Drama on earlier unfolded at a Kisumu Hotel after two aspirants for the position of vice president of the Kenya National chamber of commerce and industry encountered one another in the presence of delegates from the Lake region economic bloc.

Mr Gor Semelango and Ruto came face to face at the Royal Swiss Hotel where they met the same delegates.

It was Mr Ruto who met the delegates earlier where an aspirant Charles Wako announced that he had stepped down in favour of Ruto.Word has it,Wako was compromised in the deal after sensing defeat.

Speaking later Ruto said the delegates had unanimously resolved to back him.

El Maawy

He said he will align himself to the incoming president Richard Ngatia who will succeed Kiprono  Kitony.

Ruto said he will ensure all branches are revitalized if he assumes office later in June.

But Semelango accused Ruto of voter bribery.

He said Ruto had opted to buy computers for some branches which are fake.

Fatuma El Maawy is also going for the Vice President seat. She is likely to benefit from Wako’s decision to step down just like Gor and Ruto.



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